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This is me when I am feeling good ...
Dr Melanie C. Schlatter, PhD (Psychology, New Zealand), PGDipHlthPsych, PGDipRehab
MSc (Master of Science, Distinction, Pharmacology), BSc (Psychology).
اَلسَّلاَ مُ عَلَيْكُمْ

"Melanie is a rare gem in this town. Bright, witty, sensitive to difficult issues and always goes the extra mile. She genuinely cares about me. That is what made all the difference in the world."
Mikaela J (28 July 2016)

About Me.
(As at 28 April 2019)

My name is Dr Melanie Schlatter. I am a New Zealander, and a New Zealand educated consultant Health Psychologist working in Dubai for over a decade.

I am specially trained in helping people like you to overcome psychological / mental health issues related to health and overall quality of life  - but you don't need any kind of physical illness or disease to come and see me.

When you're more equipped to cope with your emotions, you'll begin to feel more in control and you can then look at your experiences and personal relationships in an entirely different way…

… and when this happens it will guide your emotional healing process until you gradually become healthier - both physically and emotionally.

I can't guarantee it's an easy process - hey, life itself is not always easy - but just think about who you want to be .... and who you want to become ....

If you are ready to explore the possibility of having more control over your stress and your life, then ...

...the faster you get on the road to recovery, the better.

A Health Psychologist can Help you to Overcome your Stress, Anxiety and Depression Challenges

When you are under stress it can manifest itself in a wide variety of health and other issues, which often leads to even more stress, and as a result, even more health issues.

The end result can be a vicious circle of pain, depression, fear, anxiety, and an overall poor quality of life. In fact, people with stress that goes unchecked are more prone to cancer, heart disease, and a shorter life expectancy.

But you don't have to be a victim of this kind of fear ruling your life. You can learn how to conquer stress and its debilitating effects. Read on ...

I always endeavour to listen to you and I will not rush you out the door (if anything, I have a terrible sense of time and nearly always go over!). If needed, I will check in between sessions also ...
"She is a great listener and her caring attitude and follow up are exceptional... "
Valerie Sanja Tettinek - 22 July 2015 (Linked In)
In a Session.

  • You'll find me asking lots of questions
  • I will be taking notes (so I can recall your important history; professional / ethical reasons also)
  • You are under no obligation to tell me anything that you don't want to - but don't be afraid of 'the system'; it's probably far easier to help you than you even realise, and your situation is likely far more normal than you realise also
  • I will use different therapeutic modalities from motivational interviewing and problem solving to variants of cognitive therapy and mindfulness through various exercises or information sheets
  • I will give you exercises to practice within and outside the session - it's not homework (a horrible word); it's life skills which will become automatic for you ... and people will start noticing!
  • Please know that I have no desire to judge you or your situation. Everyone has 'stuff'. My goal is to help you simply work through whatever is holding you back from an authentic, purposeful and meaningful life

You may wish to go to the
Contact Page to see more specifically about how a session works ....

Let's Talk About YOU.

Don't run away just yet. I assume that if you're reading these words right now you are probably experiencing some type of difficulty in your life.

Maybe it's late at night and you're tired and emotional .... maybe you have received some bad news and don't know what to think or what to do .... maybe your mind is burning up with everything stored up inside it .... maybe your heart is beating furiously and you are shaking ... maybe you are sick and tired of feeling so blue .... maybe you feel like you have lost your sense of self and don't know who you are anymore. You may also be thinking - 'Maybe a Psychologist is not for me', 'Am I in the right place here?', 'What would people say?', or 'I can't be that bad'- and I can definitely understand why you might want to postpone the inevitable or tackle this in private with a self-help book. But in some cases, you just can't.  And unfortunately, the self-help books are not always designed for you and your life specifically.

What I aim to do is help you make sense of your situation and current thought patterns and beliefs so that you can adopt more favourable coping mechanisms to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions as they arise. The feeling of reclaiming your life and a sense of control is second to none. Just imagine it for a moment ...

I see people primarily for stress / burnout, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, and illness /medical issues. Under these umbrellas come issues of shame, guilt, loneliness, and so forth. Just email me and tell me what your needs are, and I will help you to the best of my ability. I normally end up talking about Lions and Tigers, but when you get to know me, you'll understand why.

What I can offer you is an ear to listen to what you have to say (because living abroad and people in general don't seem to have much time these days!), and a confidential and ethical service. There is unlikely to be anything that I haven't heard before, so try me! But I won't promise to help you or tell you I can do what I am not trained or comfortable to do - I am always wary of therapists who seem to do 'everything' or who do not have solid qualifications or experience.

For our therapeutic relationship to work, I need open communication and a willingness to work on whatever issues and troubles you are facing. A lot of people say they want help, but they just keep playing the same old records - they can't 'hear' the help being offered, and they can't 'see' the old patterns they are using. It actually doesn't need to be too painful. And we may gel, we may not (your first impressions are beyond my control!) - but I don't want you moving from one practitioner to the other and wasting your time either. Sometimes I find it's a matter of simply opening up and telling me what's going on for you. I will tell you what is going on for me too - (no, not about my life!), but about my impressions about your situation. Let's move past those blocks.

Just reach out and message me, and we can get the ball rolling ...


Website last updated 28 6 2017 :)

Well Woman Clinic
1st Floor
Allied Medical Centre
2nd December Street
Satwa, DUBAI
United Arab Emirates

+971 4 332-7117
+971 50 10 30 822 (Leave me a message - voice or text)
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